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    Captain Marvel #6

    I’ve been compromised.

    Paging weinersoldier!

    In October 2013, at NYCC, I posed a question about queer ladies in comics at the Ladies of Marvel panel.  Frankly, I wanted to know where our Batwoman was, and what was taking so damned long for comics to catch up to what our world looks like now.  I wanted to know how long I had to wait before comics started looking even a little bit more like me.

    I had the chance to speak with Kelly Sue DeConnick later that day, following another panel, and it was beyond words to hear from her that my question had resonated with her.  She told me then that she knew she could do better, that comics could do better, and she wanted me to know that she was doing her best to try.  It was an emotional conversation, for many reasons, but the takeaway for me was that she listened.  I have spent so much time asking for things from my comics, supporting and loving a media that hasn’t always been friendly to me or people like me, and she listened.  She took my words to heart, and for the very first time ever I felt a tiny bit of vindication, like my words mattered.  It was so refreshing.

    When I went to Kelly Sue’s table at HeroesCon, I was amazed that she remembered me - I mean, I’d been an emotional wreck, but that much? Sheesh - but she did.  She remembered me, she remembered my words, and she told me about this, about what was coming.  About Jackie and Pud, about how she had taken my words to heart. 

    And so - it’s emotional for me to see this.  It’s indescribable to see this, something I’d asked for, show up on-panel in one of my favorite books.   Every small step feels like a marathon, and this?  This feels amazing.

    This is why representation matters.  This is why it’s important to keep pushing, keep asking for more, keep making your voice heard above the din and the bullshit and the ignorance.

    Because there are people who listen.  They’re few and far between (or it feels like it, sometimes) but they’re there.  And today, that is all that matters.

    That and the giant smile on my face (with a few tears!).

    Thanks, kellysue.  Thank you so, so much.  Thank you for being the baddest-ass lady I know.

    (P.S. - Pud is the cutest, I couldn’t have asked for a more adorable alien lady doppelganger.)

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  1. the older i get the more quickly i grow annoyed with overly-confrontational social justice memes like nobody said your gender headcanon was invalid now sit down and stop assuming those of us who think differently about this character are assholes

  2. the-evil-stud-muffin:

can we just talk about a) how awesome this is and b) how much i love charlie brooker for bringing it to my attention


    can we just talk about a) how awesome this is and b) how much i love charlie brooker for bringing it to my attention

  3. case, point. princess.

    case, point. princess.

  4. i get a feeling this baby chick will never be moved to move in with the other chickens

    she’s too used to perching on expensive pillows

    such a princess

  5. crossing my fingers for you bc chicks AND norn-children sound like a very good kind of chaos

    i wanted to make a joke about having norn-children with a chick, but then i realized that sounded inappropriate whoops

  6. "is this supposed to be a bad thing?" future goat woman asks

    well i do want to have children some day but maybe i should just settle for an army of baby chicks

  7. sometimes i look at myself and think, i’m only a few years of singlehood away from officially being a crazy chicken lady

    I accept @amoz76’s #ALS #IceBucketChallenge and nominate @brettdier @realmikevogel & Anna Silk [x]

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  8. thought I should tell you I had the pleasure of babysitting some chickens the past few days! they were cute but also very whiny

    that about covers chickens for you, ahahah

    i mean i thought my baby chick was finally over her clingy phase and then suddenly she’s shouting for me for three minutes straight until i show up, sits on my shoulder, and pecks me in the face. OKAY, CHILD.

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