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    No one should tell you how to mourn. And when someone says, “Move on,” you take their hand and say, “My choice.”

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    today i have decided to waive my no-selfies policy for one day. we will see how long i let these stay online.

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    …resisting the urge to make one of those Tumblr post memes with the “if a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me it can’t be that bad of a decision” and Cade Skywalker.  Because.






    Like half of Cade’s ancestors show up to go BUDDY THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE THINK ABOUT YOUR CHOICES.  If Anakin Skywalker does so, you know you got problems.

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    pull the trigger. a mix for three broken jedi.

    i. passive ↪ a perfect circle // ii. miss nothing ↪ the pretty reckless // iii. snuff ↪ slipknot // iv. glory and gore ↪ lorde // v. the beginning is the end is the beginning ↪ smashing pumpkins // vi. russian roulette ↪ rihanna // vii. the ruler and the killer ↪ kid cudi // viii. the devil within ↪ digital daggers // ix. if i had a heart ↪ fever ray // x. kill my darling ↪ oh land // xi. savior ↪ rise against // xii. and the world was gone ↪ snow ghosts

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    I say this to my friends all the time, and they don’t get it.

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    Charioteer is one of Cormac’s meanings. I love this meaning, which gives a hint of the bond between shay and his Morrigan.

    While chasing Benjamin Church’s ship with Connor, Haytham remembered the excellent captain of Morrigan, Shay Patrick Cormac, who led him a trip to North Atlantic 24 years ago.

    The chains are broken, but are you truly free?

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